The African Art Gallery, a family business, was officially opened by Pat Ross as the culmination of a passion and interest in African art which has extended over 38 years.

Welcome to the African Art GalleryThe gallery is prominently located on the main road of the town of Franschoek, which is situated in a fertile valley, where world famous wines are produced and is steeped in history and rich in beauty. It is the third oldest town in South Africa.

The original building has been maintained in the style in which it was purchased. The business has grown to such an extent that the gallery needed to be expanded and the back entrance now opens onto The Yard, a European style piazza surrounded by upmarket retail stores.

The Art Gallery has been packaging and posting its goods for sale to countries all around the world since 1983.

We stock and sell African Art, Jewellery, Clothing and a variety of Homewares. South Africa has very little forestation, so status masks and ritual pieces come mainly from the Equatorial belt.